Today’s technology infrastructure has become so complex that many small, mid-sized, and even large companies struggle to keep up with the latest best practices in infrastructure design. The breadth of hardware, network, and software knowledge required for a typical IT operation requires a team of experienced professionals. For most organizations, it is no longer cost-effective to have specialists in servers, storage, virtualization, networking, hyper-convergence, compliance, and security as full-time employees, especially for shorter-term, focused projects.

eSafe IT Ethiopia can build a modern technology infrastructure for your business that follows best practices in networks and security. eSafe IT Ethiopia has the depth of reliable experience to select and implement the right technologies for your business including the areas of storage, virtualization, and end-user computing.

The first step is to compare your needs with your current capacity. You may feel that your network is not meeting demands and needs optimization, or you may be embarking on a major project such as consolidating, centralizing, or virtualizing your data center. eSafe’s certified Expert network consultants assess your existing infrastructure, look for bottlenecks or shortcomings, and make a list of problems that need to be addressed.

After finalizing our assessment, we can start building your new network. This takes into account your existing space and power resources, your need for wired or wireless connections, and the equirements for digital and physical security. The right security network will ensure your infrastructure is secured and that the network is accessible to those who need it.

Once we know what your goals are, we create a plan to get you there. At this stage we look at high-level strategies and technology road maps that not only determine what steps to take but also how to handle integrating new technologies with your existing system, as well as how to manage the transition without disruption.

With you network up and running, we will monitor performance and optimize your network using our monitoring tools and daily optimization processes. Our continuous monitoring allows us to spot problems during startup, proactively responding to issues before they can impact your operations. We assist you in meeting performance service level agreements (SLAs) and adjust the system, if required, to keep critical applications running.

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