Today’s technology infrastructure has become so complex that many small, mid-sized, and even large companies struggle to keep up with the latest best practices in infrastructure design. The breadth of hardware, network, and software knowledge required for a typical IT operation requires a team of experienced professionals. For most organizations, it is no longer cost-effective to have specialists in servers, storage, virtualization, networking, hyper-convergence, compliance, and security as full-time employees, especially for shorter-term, focused projects.

eSafe IT Ethiopia can build a modern technology infrastructure for your business that follows best practices in networks and security. eSafe IT has the depth of reliable experience to select and implement the right technologies for your business including the areas of storage, virtualization, and end-user computing.

Leverage our assessments of your storage and data protection to find underutilized storage, improve backup success, and offer advisory services in data classification, information lifecycle management, and more.

Technologies that have made data collection simple have created a new problem—effective management of increased quantities of data. Simply adding additional disk space is not efficient. As your business grows, so must your storage strategies. Your storage architecture becomes more complex. You don’t simply need more storage; you need strategies, data flows, and software tools that allow users to store and retrieve information effortlessly. The growing web of equipment and contracts from multiple vendors creates an administrative nightmare, and the money and time needed to manage data storage complexity increase exponentially as the infrastructure expands.

We have experience with all major data storage equipment vendors and enterprise cloud storage providers, as well as a history of proven systems and storage configuration strategies for implementing solutions that work and offer a measurable ROI. A complete solution isn’t just about the latest storage technologies. eSafe’s storage consulting and support services span the entire information technology environment, allowing us to create a comprehensive plan that encompasses your entire infrastructure.

You need a carefully thought out, optimized virtualization architecture that supports your IT needs while being stable, reliable, and scalable. You may have already adopted virtualization as a way to decrease capital and operating costs. But if you haven’t assessed your current virtualization strategy recently, you may be missing out on opportunities to further optimize your IT infrastructure. At eSafe IT, our experience with virtualization technologies gives us the knowledge required to create a successful solution that incorporates:

  • Server and Desktop Virtualization
  • Readiness Assessments
  • Architecture and Design
  • High Availability Technologies
  • Shared Storage Technologies
  • Software Defined Data Center


There are a number of virtualization technologies that can be implemented in order to optimize your IT infrastructure. The key is to pick the right set of virtualization tools that meet your specific business objectives. Our virtualization experts will provide an in-depth assessment of your strategic needs, then recommend a cost effective, reliable, and scalable solution for your business. Using virtualization technology, eSafe can help your company use your hardware resources more efficiently, while providing users better access to the system from wherever they are working. With a wide variety of virtualization options, eSafe offers the expertise businesses need to develop a plan for virtualization.

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