The LogPoint SIEM solution extracts events and incidents from the billions of logs existing in any IT infrastructure of any size.

A Hassle Free SIEM Solution: Full Visibility – In Real-Time

You are able to easily assess the status of your systems and applications through the solution’s uniquely designed correlation and analysis layer.

The built-in log analysis engine automatically detects and notifies of all critical incidents on your systems. The events monitored can be very diverse and can include: an ongoing attack, a compromised system, a system breakdown, user authentication issues and much more.

The raw log data from your systems can be used to:

  • Automate regulatory processes
  • Improve efficiency in forensics investigations
  • Increase troubleshoot turnaround time
  • Improve your security position
  • Gain visibility into the organization


Utilize the wide range of reporting templates for compliance such as PCI, SOX, ISO2700X etc. or modify or create reports from scratch using the intuitive LogPoint Report Wizard.


Obtain a structured overview of critical events & security incidents in real-time. You are able to configure the dashboards to reflect desired views based on a user’s privileges.


With LogPoint’s full data-enrichment capabilities you obtain an added dimension of analysis, without the need to import and fragment existing data.


LogPoint is powered by the latest NoSQL technologies. This enables LogPoint to receive and normalize billions of logs generated on your infrastructure every day.


The built-in scaling architecture enables enterprise-wide implementation. LogPoint supports an infinite number of collection, analysis & presentation points, providing the ultimate degree of flexibility.


LogPoint is shipped in a virtual appliance, physical appliance or as a piece of software and does not rely on specific hardware, allowing organizations flexibility in deployments and orchestrating of storage.


LogPoint is licensed on the number of devices sending logs to the system. Thus, organizations can scale to as many LogPoint servers as needed, while maintaining transparent cost-projections.


LogPoint easily integrates with both external data and existing information sources such as asset-management systems, directories, HR- and ERP systems, and others.


Any new application, business process or infrastructure component will be immediately covered by our best-practice taxonomy and thus the features in LogPoint without user involvement.


With LogPoint, you will discover a full enterprise SIEM solution.

LogPoint is EAL 3+ certified and the solution is tailored to solve the specific security management challenges of your business – whether the goal is compliance, forensics or operational insight.

And the best part..? We have the most predictable licensing model in the industry.

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