Shield your Endpoints, Strengthen your Network Defense


Ericom Shield eliminates the #1 attack vector for malware, ransomware and other threats



Cybercrime doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. 
Are you Shielded?


With more than 90% of undetected threats originating through the web, firewalls
and other conventional detection-based products just aren’t enough. 


Ericom Shield for Secure Browsing delivers innovative Browser Isolation technology that prevents malware and zero-day attacks from ever reaching the end-user

Browsing with Confidence

  • Empowers users with the confidence to click without fear of data exploits ransomware, phishing, adware and other threats
  • End users can consume content freely without limiting their productivity
  • Provides a seamless and safe browsing experience
  • Reduces IT complexity, costs and management associated with blocking malware at the end-user device
  • Scales up quickly with no requirement for endpoint installations or plug-ins
  • Eliminates endpoint compatibility concerns

Operational Excellence

Holistic Web Security Approach

  • Augments your existing web-security arsenal as a lead security measure
  • Isolates 100% of Internet traffic coming through the browser

Leading Edge Browsing Technology

Proven Ericom HTML5 technology is deployed in tens of thousands of devices worldwide.

Zero Client Installation

Device agnostic solution supports all devices, browsers and OS, with no endpoint software or plug-ins to install.

Built-in File Cleaning

Pre-integrated marketing-leading multi-scan and sanitization technology ensures safe download.

Flexible Deployment Model

Can be deployed on-premises, in public or private clouds, or as hybrid, to suit any customer environment.

Secure by design

Each browsing session is executed within a unique, remote, isolated Linux container, which is destroyed when session ends.

Enhances Defense-in-Depth

Builds on existing countermeasures such as anti-virus and secure web gateways to significantly increase protection.

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