A few years back whenever someone said they were building a Security Operations Centre (SOC), it meant deploying a SIEM (Security Information and Event Management tool) and putting together a team for 24×7 operations. This team would of course build some processes for running the SOC but the question is would this model suffice in today’s environment of targeted threats?

SIEM still remains the best tool for collecting, normalizing, and correlating, but what happens after SIEM raises those alerts? That’s where the modern SOC needs more focus. Rather than wasting time on bloated products to achieve the aim of a SOC, an OTM platform is the recommended road to travel in.

Open Threat Management platform (OTM) is based on the Fast/Big data, Adaptive Threat Detection modeling, Machine Learning and User, Application and System Behavioral Analytics. Solution detects External as well as Insider threats, surfacing only the threats that matter in a simple to understand visual format.

While other solutions focus on protecting against only known threats. OTM detects both known and unknown threats, no matter what the source – from outside or from within.

Seceon Open Threat Management Platform:

Today’s security solutions don’t surface 75% of threats that are responsible for data loss. These threats are due to the security holes created by today’s point security products, which have created functional silos. At Seceon, we have built a first in the industry threat management platform, which is the only out-of-box solution to surface and remediate threats that may occur in any part of your IT ecosystem. Some of the key advantages of our platform are:

  1. Automation at Its Best – No rules or human intervention needed – out-of-box solution starts working within seconds of installation. Automated Elimination/Containment of Threats that matter in REAL-TIME Operational within minutes (No Agent and Alert Fatigue). Enabling rapid, surgical responses at scale to eradicate threats.
  2. Unparalleled Visibility – Adaptive Visibility across multi public/private cloud, Data center and Enterprise locations (Apps, Services, Users, Hosts). Advanced behavioral and machine-learning technologies give our customers full visibility of both internal and external adversary activity – without them knowing you are watching.
  3. Multi-Layer Detection – Proactive Threat Detection (Dynamic Threat Models + ML + AI with actionable Intelligence). Detection of known as well as never-before-seen threats at the earliest phase of the attack kill chain.
  4. Supplements SIEMs – immediately surfacing the threats they miss.
  5. Productivity Increase – Advanced analytics over multiple stages eliminates false positives – 25x threat surface reduction.
  6. Threat impact Analysis – Comprehensive interactive visual interface to drill down threats and effected sources and targets.
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