Behavioral Attack Detection

LightCyber Magna™ is a Behavioral Attack Detection platform that provides accurate and efficient security visibility into advanced or targeted attacks, insider threats, and malware that have circumvented traditional security controls. Magna delivers alerts that include automated investigative data with rich user, endpoint, and network context enabling swift triage and resolution. The result is an ability to detect and stop attacks before damage is done, without having to wade through 100’s or thousands of alerts a day.

Magna identifies compromised users and entities across the entire attack lifecycle and is the only solution that incorporates both network (DPI) and endpoint (agentless) context. Unlike alternatives, Magna does not rely on technical artifacts that produce excessive false positives, and instead was designed by cyber warfare experts to detect anomalous attacker behaviors that attackers cannot conceal. The result is highly actionable alerts that include automatically generated investigative data to focus incident response, and stop attackers before real damage is done.

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Magna Platform Benefits

LightCyber Magna accurately and efficiently detects active attacks regardless of malware status (known or unknown) or attacker techniques – which may include use of no malware at all – to reduce attacker dwell time and minimize the damage done.

  • Reduced Attack Dwell Time and Damage Done
  • Automatically Detect Opportunistic, Insider, and Advanced Attacks
  • Focus Security Operators on the Most Critical Security Issue
  • Low Volume of Highly Actionable Alerts
  • Automated Investigation of User, Endpoint & Network Data
  • No Configuration. No Endpoint Agents. No External Storage.
  • Quarantine of Confirmed Malicious Users, Hosts & Domains
  • Integration with Market Leading 3rd Party Security Tools
  • Malicious File Termination
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